March Coffee Travelers report

Coffee Travelers chair Donna Daufenbach reports that 10 members attended the March event at the Lucky Star in Burlington. Five of the 10 were attending their first region event. They included: Todd Burns who is awaiting plates for his 2011 911 that he just purchased; Dan and Dawn Mildebrandt who arrived in their ‘72 914; Tony and Monica Henriques who drive a  911 C4S. Also present Bob Geiser, Philippe Guyony, Kyle Mahan and daughter Kairi, and Donna Daufenbach.

”We talked about the new members’ cars. The Mildebrandts bought their neighbor’s 914 last May. He had bought it new and it has been a Wisconsin car all its life. Very original. Seats had been covered and look great. Original suspension so needs some work but Don is having fun. Neighbor may be having remorse as he acquired a Solstice.

“The Henriques were going to come the last time we went to Lucky Star but the weather was nasty that morning so they did not. They did start going to the Lucky Star however when they were nearby for errands. They suggested we try the new First Watch in Oak Creek whose owner is a Porsche person. Suggestions for our Coffee Travelers locations are always appreciated.

“In the parking lot Kyle had the Boxster he and his wife acquired about six weeks ago. Bob Geiser had woken his 944 out of hibernation for the drive this morning. Two others drove their 911s so the cars are starting to venture out.

“We discussed tours, DE and related events. Lots of interest in the DE and associated events,” Donna concluded.

The 1972 914 that was part of the morning's discussion.

The pristine interior of the 1972 914.

Tony Henrique, Monica Henrique and Dawn Mildebrandt.

Pictured left to right: Dawn and Dan Mildebrandt, Kyle Mahan and his daughter, Todd Burns, Bob Geiser, Donna Daufenbach and Philippe Guyony.

The Henriques prepare to leave.

Posted on Sunday, March 15, 2020 9:15 AM, updated on Sunday, March 15, 2020 9:33 AM
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