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Looking for an interesting road or two to drive the Porsche when spring returns?

Check out this map which notes great roads throughout the U.S. and the world.

Region member Mike Wiviott took tons of pictures, capturing the colors and action of the drivers during the DE day Aug. 15, 2014.



n addition to the photos in the September issue of Steinlifters, here are a few more that capture action in the pits or on the starting grid. Thanks to Terry Royals for the pix.

Region name badges are now available.

Details here.

March 2014 Steinlifters is ready.

Porsches on ice -- Events

Three-day winter driving experience, Porsches on ice in Canada.

Check out this video.


As many of us pack our favorite Porsche away for the winter, the following winter car storage tips can be used to maintain the integrity of the car and minimize any damage from improper storage. ...

Written by Rod, a PCA member from Peachstate Region who drives a Cayman and is a member of the Cayman Registry Group who attended a DE session at Road America hosted by the Chicago ...

It's driving season, including track time at Blackhawk and Road America. To get the feel of the course at Blackhawk, check out this

by Bev Jurkowski

As your region newsletter editor and webmaster, I am ...

Check out the April 2012 Steinlifters online.

He developed the world's first hybrid car, advanced electric car, and all-wheel drive car a century ago, and now Porsche brings a recreation of his Semper Vivus to New ...

We invite members to take a few minutes to click on various segments of the region site to become familiar with the contents and where to find things. We've heard from some members who want to ...

Some Porsche drivers don’t let snow stop them from having fun. Check out these videos:

Cayenne S ...

Those who drive older Porsches prefer to use high octane gas that does not contain ethanol since their engines were developed prior to the introduction of enthanol. Here's a

Region member Mike Wiviott captured these images from the region's 50th anniversary finale.

By Bev Jurkowski

above ...